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We are a team of volunteers involved in an Art project honouring those that have fought for our freedom.. Using recycled building materials we have created Soldiers & Poppies for public display  Raising funds & awareness for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal  & creating a phenomenal amount of public interest and charitable donations along the way.



Standing with Giants was instigated by artist, Dan Barton, with his first major installation at the Aston Rowant Nature Reserve in Oxfordshire in November 2019 proving to be a major success. Over a two week period the site was visited by over 7500 people on foot and viewed potentially by hundreds of thousands as they travelled on the M40 motorway. Over £25,000 was raised in this short period from generous donations given by visitors to the site or online via our dedicated Just Giving page.

The project has received such an incredible responsive that Dan is now  looking to develop the project further - please do get in contact with us if you can help with donations and sponsorship which will be vital to see this through.

Dan Barton.

"Dan, we visited this beautiful work today and were totally blown away by it ... you are amazing, and your artwork is so moving. I hope you are proud of yourself"

Ruth & Paul: Just Giving donators

Dan has always had community minded projects on the go - from sleeping in cardboard boxes to raise funds for the homeless, to creating several giant wicker men and burning them for charity.

The  Wicker Man  project proved tremendously popular and gathered a crowd of over 20,000 at one of the events to watch it burn!.

His passion, energy, and dedication, are truly inspiring. His ability to coordinate and make things happen are outstanding - all the more so when you realise that due to his serious and debilitating dyslexia he has never even sent a single email!

Dan always manages to find a way to move his projects forward - usually just by sheer hard work, determination, and great public relations.


In the past, Dan has mostly funded the projects himself, his good relationships with local businesses have resulted in some monetary donations as well as donations in the form of building/waste materials.

Every penny raised for his chosen charities have been 100% donated to those charities. He is one of the most kind-hearted and giving people you will ever meet - it's a rarity that you will find someone who will go without so much in order to give to others.