A fun and creative project for people to reflect and honour those that have fought for their freedom past and present


Due to the Coronavirus, we have made the decision to bring forward one of our projects and invite you to join us, by participating in making 'Poppies of Hope', in appreciation of the NHS and frontline workers who are battling this dreadful virus on behalf of all of us. The poppies can then be displayed in your front gardens, inside windows or on balconies etc - wherever works best for you!


You can check out the video on this page and also print out our instruction sheet which will explain how you too can make these wonderful, up-cycled poppies from used plastic soda and drinks bottles.


This is such a fun project for people of all ages to create - all the more so during these times of self isolation. These can be displayed outside the home and later, in better times, brought together for Village/Town or City display. A place for people to go and reflect and honour those that have fought for their freedom past and present.


We have exciting plans of how these creations can then be re-used further down the line - watch this space for details!

Download instructions

Involve your community

Share pics

of your poppies

Click here to download our guide to making your own poppies.

Why not organise a group 'planting' display of your poppies with others from your community once social isolation rules are relaxed!

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