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Our first major donation of £20k:

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

We are completely over the moon with this amazing donation of £20,000 received from a gentleman who visited our installation. He was very moved and wanted to support and assist with pushing our project forward in 2020. He was very optimistic that we could find additional funding to grow our project. However due to Covid-19 this is now proving difficult. Our testimonials have confirmed to us that there is a real need for our installations, a place to go and reflect and honour those that have given us our freedom past and present. This is particularly poignant as there are now so many people fighting again for our freedom during this pandemic. We are currently in the process of making a further 500 soldiers (giants) and plan to make a further 1500 when we can source additional materials. There are approximately 100 soldiers in each installation. If you would also like to donate to our project please click here

"Congratulations on your M40 Soldiers “Standing With Giants” project. Such a great success with regard to Remembrance and raising funds for the Royal British Legion. It was such an evocative and thought provoking view on the hillside on my way home from work.
I understand from our discussion that you would like to have several similar projects in place for 2020 with the same Remembrance focus and raising an increased amount of funds for the Royal British Legion.
We are keen to provide funding for the construction of the artwork and as such can offer you a donation of £20,000 from the Company for this charitable work. I have every confidence that you will be able to raise more than three times this amount for the Royal British Legion through the public viewing your outstanding installations and making donations" -

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