Our testimonials have confirmed to us that there is a real need for our installations, a place to go and reflect and honour those that have given us our freedom past and present. This is currently particularly poignant as there are now so many people fighting again for our freedom during this pandemic.


Dear Daniel I was very impressed with the "Standing with Giants" project you did for Remembrance Day and raising £19,500 for The Royal British Legion is amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work. - Robert Courts MP




I have just seen your Armistice Exhibit on BBC Southern News. What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into this. What an impact! With very best wishes – George Curtis

I think you display is brilliant and the best I have seen for many years, I would like to visit can I ask when you will be taking it down Thanks Clive Mitchell

Good morning A truly fabulous display you’ve created and a very strong location. Thanks George Baker


Hi Dan, we visited today and your installation is incredible. Well done. Thanks, Sally Skerry

Dan, just wanted to say how beautiful and moving the display of soldiers are. Thank you -Liz Golder

Hi Janette REF: M40 soldiers What a fabulous display a really wonderful idea! Thanks Maria Humphris

Visited today, donated today. Well done Dan and all who helped.- Chris Dean

I live in Australia but I just wanted you to know that I have never seen in my long life such a beyond awesome display, stunning & emotional. No need to reply.- Alison Lee





“A great installation in a fab place” ~ David Wallom 


“An amazing installation made to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by brave soldiers. It is quite stunning and very well worth a visit.” ~ Lucinda Skipper


“Absolutely stunning , this really brought it to life for my kids . Which created lots of questions. Thank you” ~ Enis Evlat


“A breathtaking art installation with such an important meaning. Absolutely beautiful! We will remember them” ~ Isobel Rawlinson


“This poignant display is a fantastic effort which is well worth a visit.” ~ Dick Hunter


“What an amazing tribute. Very moving to see, well worth a visit. Lovely to see families visiting.” ~ Gilly Hunter


“A wonderful experience walking through this amazing tribute. Dan Barton made us very welcome as he greeted each member of the public. He’s a very talented, funny and kindly young man who is clearly passionate about his project. The weather helped. It was a glorious fresh sunny bright day ( Remembrance Sunday 2019) our Grandsons loved roaming through the soldiers and learning more about “ Poppy Day”/ Armistice day and on the way home furnished us with interesting facts ✨👍I hope the word spreads about this exhibition because Dan has done a fine thing. My understanding is that all donations go to RBL.” ~ Elaine Walker


“Simplistic yet poignant. Worth a visit.” ~ Diane Curtis


“Amazing work from Dan Barton once again! A fantastic and truly heartfelt way to remember the fallen heroes. Well done Dan and team” ~ Rob Turner


“Excellent display paying tribute to the soldiers at Aston Rowant Nature Reserve. Will be going back again on a clear day as I’m sure it’s even more stunning in the sunshine ☀️” ~ Becky Milward Alan


“This is amazing. Saw the soldiers and poppies at dusk. What an amazing display, so moving. Thank you.” ~ Helen Smith


“Amazing sight well worth a visit” ~ Jane Nicholls

“Amazing, well worth going. It was very moving at 11am today.”  ~ Angela Fois


“A very moving way to commemorate the sacrifices my grandfather's generation went through.” ~ Bruce Blyth


“An epic tribute created by hand by a wonderful man” ~ Steve Tuck 


“Absolutely beautiful tribute ... thank you so much ❤️” ~ Patsy Rox


“Beautiful tribute. We will remember them.” ~ Fiona Millar Terry 


“Yesterday we saw this on Facebook. Today we drove down the m40 and by chance saw it and just had to get off and see it for real! Glad we did. Our 2 children loved seeing the soldiers and poppies taking photos of it all. The amount of people who was there today... amazing work! Will definitely be back to see some more wherever the next one will be next year!!!” ~ Charlii Carnell


Just Giving 


“Really special place. Very important charity. Thank you for making something we could visit” Bonnie Larcombe

“Donating having seen the amazing and thought provoking 'Standing with giants' installation at Aston Rowant by artist  Dan Barton”


“A brilliant concept culminated in a moving artwork”John & Mavis

“We found the visit very moving”Anonymous

“Thank you for your ongoing support for those who fought so bravely that we might be free..Anonymous

“Inspiring, thank you”Anonymous

“Wonderful charity” Anonymous

“An outstanding tribute to the fallen,  I do hope it will be possible to repeat it in years to come, adding 1 more soldier each year - we will remember them.”Richard Evans

“A wonderful and moving tribute.”Anonymous

“An atmospheric and moving tribute seen through the most this morning.”Roger Keir

“Amazing artwork.Rebecca Mathews

“What a fantastic display - a real inspiration & challenge us all to what us really important in life”David Forber

“Amazing and moving installation.”Anonymous

“Such a worthwhile organisation - we need to support their work”Anonymous

“Fantastic tribute! Thanks, Dan - well done!”Susannah Ingram

“Dan is truly a wonderful man and deserves more recognition for his work. The British Legion deserves more recognition for their work.

Thank you.. Just thank you”Toni

“We always support RBL and after meeting Dan today at Aston Rowant we wanted to show appreciation for his efforts as he thoroughly deserves to reach his target Sheila Shepherd

“A fantastic site to see”Anonymous

“Very moving tribute”Hattie Emms

“So incredibly proud of you guys and what you've achieved up on the hill - a wonderful and very moving tribute.”Ju & Teen


“M40 soldiers was so moving and so respectful to those we lost who gave everything for us. Thank you.”Anonymous


“Well done, Dan and family - a great installation and a wonderful contribution to this worthy cause! Appreciation from the Eagle family.”Jane Eagle


“M40 Soldiers is a fabulous creation in support of Royal British Legion who do such great work for our armed forces.”Ron+Sonia


“This should have had more publicity; such a moving sight.”Anonymous


“Stunning spectacle from the M40.”Michael Dawes


“We must never forget the sacrifice made by both the fallen and injured in the two World Wars, and we must look after those who serve in our Armed Forces in order to keep us safe.”Anonymous


“Such an incredible and moving display well done” Rod & Collette Carmichael


“Such an appropriate and moving display. Thank you.”Anonymous


“Nice job!”Mark


“An amazing installation. Thank you.”The Vining family


“A very moving tribute to the many that have given their lives in service of the country through too many conflicts. May they not be forgotten. Look after those that served and survived.”Matthew


“Thank you to the armed forces for sacrifices yesterday today and tomorrow.Thanks also to Dan for M40Soldiers - very thought provoking . Hope to see it again 2010. Lest We Forget”Louise OWEN


“Such a beautiful and poignant sight on the hillside, reminding us of the human  sacrifice given by so many to enable us to travel freely today.”David Parry


“Lest we forget!”Anonymous


“fantastic piece of art, amazing tribute.”Anonymous


“A beautiful piece very moving, lovely.”Anonymous


“So moving and to such a good cause.”Anonymous


“Wonderful tribute. Well done.”Brenda Farley


“Dan. We visited this beautiful work today and were totally blown away by it ... you are amazing and your art work is so moving and inspiring. I hope

you are proud of yourself Ruth and Paul”


“Went on Saturday to see, very respectful”Nick and Jacky


“Brilliant,  keep up the good work”Jason Brooks


“Thank you so much for this wonderful display. Thank you to all the men and women who gave their lives so we can live in peace and freedom. Bless them all.”Anonymous


“Moving to mingle with silhouetted soldiers;restored some proper attention for Remembrance.”Anonymous


“Beautiful tribute, thank you.  Mary” Mary Imlay


“Amazing to see and very thought provoking.”Anonymous


“Thank you”Anonymous


“An incredible tribute to all those that gave their all. Amazing and thankyou.”Ben Sergeant


“Fabulous thought provoking display. Lizzie Robertson


“Couldn't quite believe what I was seeing yesterday as I drove South. A very lovely tribute - thank you Dan and those who helped. Are you are going to sell the soldiers or install again next year?”Anonymous


“Visited yesterday and didn't have any cash on us.Wonderful tribute and stunning piece of art. You should tour it…”

Suzanne Branston


“Lovely tribute”Anonymous


“A wonderful tribute”John & Pam Rolfe


“Happened upon this completely by chance today, so very glad that I stopped off to investigate. Perfect location, profound message. Next year, who knows where this will pop up, let's wait and see!”Anonymous


“Well done Dan....”Alan Jeffries


“Just visited this amazing display, with the light fading, the vivid colour of the poppies and the silhouettes against the skyline was very moving! Brilliant idea, congratulations to Dan Barton” Carole Wheeler


“Fantastic tribute from Dan Barton; simple and moving but so poignant. Just brilliant!”Rod and Sue Lavers, Chinnor)


“Very moving display. Fantastic work”Susan Fotherby


“A wonderful tribute to the fallen soldiers!”David Gibbs


“An incredible sight as I drove down the M40 this morning. I knew nothing about it, and my mouth literally fell open when I saw the soldiers. Brilliantly done, and really moving. Thank you.”Jo Stroud


“Just driven past this on the way south on the M40. A powerful and moving tribute to those to whom we owe so much. Lest we forget. Thank you Dan and all who made this possible.”Claire Whatley


“A fantastic piece of work and a rea innovation Marlow Rider”Pauric Surlis


“Purple wellies on a Saturday morning”Timothy Seth




“Wow what an amazing thing you have done”Angie Chapman


“A beautiful and moving tribute.”Gill Poulton


“Thank you..”Anonymous


“Thank you Dan for this moving work - well done”Anonymous


“A very impressive and moving tribute. Thank you to all involved in this project for making us reflect on the sacrifice made by millions.”

Kim Vernau


“what a beautiful installation for a worthy cause”Helen


“Great cause”Anonymous

Beautiful reminder.. amazing tribute. Thank you to Dan and team.. It certainly changed my thinking as I traveled for work.”

Julia Manley


“Visited this amazing tribute today, very moving.”Gilly Hunter


“Beautiful tribute”Anonymous


“What a wonderful and inventive tribute and thanks to the British Legion for their valuable work.”Wink Lorch


“What an inspired idea.  Well done to everyone involved”Peter Harris


“A beautiful and moving tribute”Liz Golder


“Love this installation at Aston Rowant. Well done.”Anonymous


“Very Moving”Paul Ridley


“In remembrance of my uncle Kenneth.A young man who lost his life fighting in Burma.”Anonymous


“Amazing tribute!”Marie Mutton


“Fantastic initiative.  Good luck and thank you.”John Booth


“Great job”Smur-Fit


“Thank you for all you have done for us. What a poignant reminder. Stunning sculpture”Anonymous


“Great job Dan and a very fitting way to remember.”Damian Wells


“I am one of the millions thanking you for all you do for the service personnel.”Delyse Upton


“We heard so many amazing stories today talking to people there and everyone was so grateful to have been amongst the Giants.”

Lucy and Sylvia


“Superb! Been to see it 2 days running. Once from within" and today from the other half of the Nature Reserve on the other side of the M40"



“I love this reserve and thank you for remembering our heroes and heroines”Anonymous


“Happy to support this iconic charity.”nichola gilder


“Lest We Forget”Ian Montgomery


“Visited today in the fading light. Very moving and stunning views.”Sharon Crawford


“Very moving, well done”Anonymous


“A beautiful tribute”Janette Cooper


“Awesome sight - we went and visited yesterday”Kimberley Plumridge


“Wonderful artwork, a fitting tribute.”Anonymous


“We will remember them…”Anonymous


“What a great tribute, you are an inspiration.”Joseph Hill


“Amazing installation Dan - congratulations!”Susan Twine


“Haunting. Well done!”Anonymous


“Stunning - well done”Selina Smith


“Very poignant”Anonymous


“I visited the M40 Soldiers today and found it very thought provoking. How lucky I am to live in peaceful times.”

Alison Pulley




“Simply stunning.”Sheila Tucker


“Awesome installation. Hats off to Dan for the hard work on this.”Anonymous


“Profoundly moving tribute to the fallen.”Paul Westnedge


“A truly thought provoking tribute and very pleased to see you again briefly Dan after many years. Fond memories of coming up here with the kids to see your Wicker People several years back.”Mike Crook


“Wonderful to be there this morning.”Angela Fois


“Well done Dan and all that helped.”Christopher & Sandra Dean


“We will remember them.just been to visit, incredibly moving. Hope you are able to take it on tour.”Anonymous


“We shall not forget. Thank you.”Jonathan ROSE


“Thank you, Dan and Janette Barton, for doing this. I drove past this on Friday. A beautiful tribute and cause. We will remember them.”

Andrea Davis


“Went up to see this Friday - very moving and humbling.”Reg Koster


“Just a stunning art installation. Well done”Joanne Tower


“A very worthy cause,  well done Dan and Janette”Marie Shaw


“I visited this morning and it was incredible. So moving at 11am. Thank you”Lauren Owen


“Thank you”Wendy Bristow


“Thanks for all your amazing work Dan! In memory of my wonderful grandad.”Lucie


“A truly moving spectacle, thanks to Dan Barton his vision and hard work.”Bridie


“We remember. Thank you Dan for this wonderful tribute. Cath & Serafina”


Catherine Parkinson


“Amazing sculptures” Claire Fenwick


“Just seen this from the M40 and it looks amazing!”Emma Russell


“Thank you”Sheena Lavery


“Inspirational & incredible effort from Dan Barton for an epic tribute.”Anonymous


“Thank you for our freedom.”Linda West


“A very moving tribute Dan to a great cause. Thank you.”Mark Lord


“What an amazing tribute to the soldiers. I hope to have time to go and view it for myself. The royal British legion are an amazing charity.”

Louisa Brook


“Saw this display and it was very moving. Great job”Emma Rockall


“We will remember”Anonymous


“Amazing.”Steven Brown


“Thank you for the amazing and important work you do”Anonymous


“Amazing tribute -  They shall grow not old”Angela Urry


“We all salute you & thank you”Anonymous


“Absolutely outstanding tribute - proud to support it in a small way and will be visiting for definite!”Richard Evans


“Thank you” Anonymous


“A very moving tribute.”Anonymous


“Inspirational memorial.  Great charity.  Thank you.”Family West


“That is such an emotional image in a beautiful area. Hope you reach your target after all your hard work.”Janice Evans


“Thank you for all that you do!”Anonymous


“A wonderful reminder” Anonymous


“Well done Dan! What a poignant reminder for us and what a great effort on this fantastic display!”Peter Hopgood


“A stunning creation, well done!”Debbie Simpson


“Lest We Forget”Shelagh Hutson


“Superb installation all in a very worthy cause!”Harry Turner




“We will always remember them”Anonymous


Fantastic piece of work - well done to Dan and helpers.Neville Ray


“We Shall Remember Them”Sandra Stoddart


“A very poignant tribute we are very lucky to have on our doorstep. Thank you.”Janet Smith


“Stunning piece of Art, Well done Dan. Well worth a visit”Dawn and Dan Hazell


“Breathtaking, amazing tribute.”Laura Denison-Pender


“Went up this morning to take a look at the soldiers and poppies, so glad I got to see this, it was very moving to see it. Well done to all involved in its creation.”Sam Barratt


“A wonderful and moving tribute... well done!”Hannah Lawfull


“Amazing idea, so poignant!! Well Done to everyone involved.”Nicky Busby


“Simply thanks for your sacrifice & bravery”Sandra Stillman


“Well done , an amazingly spectacular.”Janet and Garry


“Amazing tribute”Yvonne McGarry


“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old,Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,we will remember them”Jean Senior


“Well done, Dan. This is amazing and so are you.”Helen Devereux


“What an evocative piece of art in an amazing setting.Congratulations to Dan from all at Orange Aero.”

“Can’t wait to visit. Such a lovely thing to have done.”Leigh Hammans


“Fantastic organisation to support  - and an amazing piece of artwork. Taking my 88 year old ex army dad to have a look tomorrow - he's very excited!”Susie Pilbeam


“We're so proud to call Janette & Dan friends - such a fabulous tribute to those that made and those that were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the generations to come. S & S”Steve Tuck


“So PROUD of You Danny... You never stop AMAZING us Love Phyl & Jay”

“Appreciation for those well deserved it, respect to those whose sacrifice means so much to next generations!”



“A beautiful and moving tribute to so many we owe so much to. What a fantastic job you have done, both of you”

Karen Stevens


“Absolutely amazing Dan, so proud”Rob and Nicki

“A great effort from the Barton family. Proud of you.”Jim Shaw


“Well done to you both for all your hard work - it all looks fantastic from your pictures”Patricia Gilgrass


“Wonderful work Dan. The Hambidge family are so proud, and for such a worthy cause”Alan Hambidge

A small contribution to a magnificent cause. Dan and Co you are truly AMAZING”Victoria Munday


“Happy to help such a good cause”Mandy and Andy Dickson


“I hope you reach your target and more  -  and congrats on a brilliant initiative”Dan (papa squid) Barton and mum xxxx


“Well done Janette and Dan for your wonderful work”Joan Taylor